CAL Controls 9500P Series Temperature Controller

CAL Controls 9500PThe CAL Controls 9500P Series temperature controller is a versatile programmable controller for process and temperature control applications. Designed to offer the highest functionality in a 48mm x 48mm (1/16 DIN) package, the CAL Controls 9500P Series temperature controller can be factory configured in a range of process control or temperature control options making the controller dedicated to the application. The CAL Controls 9500P Series temperature controller is ideal for both OEM and manufacturing process applications.

Inputs to the CAL Controls 9500P Series temperature controller include thermocouples and RTD (T100, 2 or 3 wire) and analog (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-50mV, 0-5V, 0-10V). A total of three outputs includes solid state relay drive (SSD) and relays (2 amp) and analog (4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V).


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Part Number Alternate P/N
95001PA000 95001PA000
95001PA200 95001PA200
95001PA400 95001PA400
95001PB000 95001PB000
95001PB200 95001PB200
95001PB400 95001PB400
95001PC000 95001PC000
95001PC200 95001PC200
95001PC400 95001PC400
95001PD000 95001PD000
95001PD200 95001PD200
95001PD400 95001PD400
95111PA000 95111PA000
95111PA200 95111PA200
95111PA400 95111PA400
95111PB000 95111PB000
95111PB200 95111PB200
95111PB400 95111PB400
95111PC000 95111PC000
95111PC200 95111PC200
95111PC400 95111PC400
95111PD000 95111PD000
95111PD200 95111PD200
95111PD400 95111PD400
95221PA000 95221PA000
95221PA200 95221PA200
95221PA400 95221PA400
95221PB000 95221PB000
95221PB200 95221PB200
95221PB400 95221PB400
95221PC000 95221PC000
95221PC200 95221PC200
95221PC400 95221PC400
95221PD000 95221PD000
95221PD200 95221PD200
95221PD400 95221PD400
95B11PA000 95B11PA000
95B11PA200 95B11PA200
95B11PA400 95B11PA400
95B11PB000 95B11PB000
95B11PB200 95B11PB200
95B11PB400 95B11PB400
95B11PC000 95B11PC000
95B11PC200 95B11PC200
95B11PC400 95B11PC400
95B11PD000 95B11PD000
95B11PD200 95B11PD200
95B11PD400 95B11PD400
95B21PA000 95B21PA000
95B21PA200 95B21PA200
95B21PA400 95B21PA400
95B21PB000 95B21PB000
95B21PB200 95B21PB200
95B21PB400 95B21PB400
95B21PC000 95B21PC000
95B21PC200 95B21PC200
95B21PC400 95B21PC400
95B21PD000 95B21PD000
95B21PD200 95B21PD200
95B21PD400 95B21PD400
95C11PA000 95C11PA000
95C11PA200 95C11PA200
95C11PA400 95C11PA400
95C11PB000 95C11PB000
95C11PB200 95C11PB200
95C11PB400 95C11PB400
95C11PC000 95C11PC000
95C11PC200 95C11PC200
95C11PC400 95C11PC400
95C11PD000 95C11PD000
95C11PD200 95C11PD200
95C11PD400 95C11PD400
95C21PA000 95C21PA000
95C21PA200 95C21PA200
95C21PA400 95C21PA400
95C21PB000 95C21PB000
95C21PB200 95C21PB200
95C21PB400 95C21PB400
95C21PC000 95C21PC000
95C21PC200 95C21PC200
95C21PC400 95C21PC400
95C21PD000 95C21PD000
95C21PD200 95C21PD200
95C21PD400 95C21PD400
95D11PA000 95D11PA000
95D11PA200 95D11PA200
95D11PA400 95D11PA400
95D11PB000 95D11PB000
95D11PB200 95D11PB200
95D11PB400 95D11PB400
95D11PC000 95D11PC000
95D11PC200 95D11PC200
95D11PC400 95D11PC400
95D11PD000 95D11PD000
95D11PD200 95D11PD200
95D11PD400 95D11PD400
95D21PA000 95D21PA000
95D21PA200 95D21PA200
95D21PA400 95D21PA400
95D21PB000 95D21PB000
95D21PB200 95D21PB200
95D21PB400 95D21PB400
95D21PC000 95D21PC000
95D21PC200 95D21PC200
95D21PC400 95D21PC400
95D21PD000 95D21PD000
95D21PD200 95D21PD200
95D21PD400 95D21PD400



This combination of programmable ramp/soak profiles, process control inputs and 3 outputs, together with RS232 or RS485 communications makes the CAL Controls 9500P Series temperature controller a unique and affordable package.

The CAL Controls 9500P Series temperature controller is ideal for recording process data for manufacturing reporting, quality control, health and safety purposes, or OEM system development. Applications for the CAL Controls 9500P Series temperature controller include the food industry, dairy industry, rubber and plastics manufacturing, ovens, furnaces, kilns, plastics machines, laboratory and scientific equipment, bottling and beverage production, and many others.

Functionality of the CAL Controls 9500P Series Temperature Controller
  • Full P.I.D. operation
  • Autotune at 75% of set-point or at set-point
  • Heat-cool operation
  • RS232 or RS485 communications options
  • CE, UL, & CSA compliant




  • Manufactured by CAL Controls
  • Multiple inputs: TC, RTD, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4/20mA
  • Three-outputs: SSR, Relay, 4/20mA, 0-5, 0-10
  • Full PID autotuning temperature controllers
  • Bright LED displays
  • Alarms with 5 options
  • PID heat-cool operation
  • Ramp / Soak
  • Sleeve mounting for easy maintenance
  • IP66 protection from front panel
  • 3-year warranty
  • Charting and logging software option
  • RS232/485 Modbus option