Allen Bradley 1794TB3K Terminal Base Unit | Great Price

The Allen Bradley 1794TB3K Terminal Base Unit is available. Allen Bradley and other industrial components manufacturers are our area of expertise. We enjoy helping our customers find the parts and products they are looking for. Do not hesitate to call us with any question, large or small. We are an unauthorized dealer of Allen Bradley and can provide you quantity discounts on this item.



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Part Number Alternate Part Number
1794-TB3K-A 1794TB3KA
1794-TB3K-B 1794TB3KB
1794-TB3K-C 1794TB3KC
1794-TB3K-D 1794TB3KD
1794-TB3K-E 1794TB3KE
1794-TB3K-F 1794TB3KF
1794-TB3K-G 1794TB3KG
1794-TB3K-H 1794TB3KH
1794-TB3K-I 1794TB3KI
1794-TB3K-J 1794TB3KJ
1794-TB3K-K 1794TB3KK
1794-TB3K-L 1794TB3KL
1794-TB3K-M 1794TB3KM
1794-TB3K-N 1794TB3KN
1794-TB3K-O 1794TB3KO
1794-TB3K-P 1794TB3KP
1794-TB3K-Q 1794TB3KQ
1794-TB3K-R 1794TB3KR
1794-TB3K-S 1794TB3KS
1794-TB3K-T 1794TB3KT
1794-TB3K-U 1794TB3KU
1794-TB3K-V 1794TB3KV
1794-TB3K-W 1794TB3KW
1794-TB3K-X 1794TB3KX
1794-TB3K-Y 1794TB3KY
1794-TB3K-Z 1794TB3KZ