AEMC Model MTX 162 PC Oscilloscopes

AEMC Model MTX 162GREAT PRICE: AEMC Model MTX 162 PC Oscilloscopes are compact, lightweight and stackable. These instruments can be connected directly to a PC via USB or Ethernet. Web server software is also included.

Applications include:

  • Laboratory applications in education
  • Research and development departments
  • Electronic design teams


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PC advantages include:

  • Large screen with high resolution and multi-windowing
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Windows environment (printing, standard files, etc.)
  • Local or remote Ethernet universal communication
  • PC operating software and LabWindows/LabView drivers


Part Number Alternate P/N
2150.14 2150.14
2150.15 2150.15



AEMC Model MTX 162 Features

  • Manufactured by AEMC
  • 50MS sampling rate
  • Detects 10ns transients
  • 8-bit A/D converter
  • Vertical sensitivities of 250?V-100V/div (300V CAT II)
  • Advanced trigger modes and SPO analysis
  • Stackable with direct PC connection via USB or ethernet